The Phoenix Education Centre will offer various programs for community members so they can work towards their individual learning goals. The long-term goal of the Phoenix Education Centre is to empower community members to improve their education.

By using a community based and youth work approach to learning the Phoenix Education Centre will
build capacity within the community coupled with encouraging and uplifting community voice in all aspects of society.
To achieve these objectives, the Phoenix Education Centre offer the following programs.

Essential Skills Literacy (16+)
We are an accredited OCN learning centre dedicated to fostering educational excellence. We are thrilled to announce our new offering – OCN Essential Skills in Literacy and Numeracy (take this out as this course isn’t an OCN it’s offered in conjunction with Belfast Met. These fundamental skills form the cornerstone of personal and professional development, providing individuals with the tools to navigate an increasingly complex world. Proficiency in literacy and numeracy is essential for effective communication, problem solving and overall cognitive growth. Our next literacy course, commencing on Monday 5th Feb from 1:30-4:30pm, is a golden opportunity to enhance these skills under the guidance of our experienced educators. Join us on this transformative journey towards empowerment and knowledge mastery. 
OCN NI Award in Mental Health and Wellbeing (14-22)
Embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being with Phoenix Education Centre. The OCN course in Mental Health and Well-Being is designed to empower individuals with essential tools for navigating the complexities of emotional and psychological wellness. In an era where prioritising mental health is paramount, this course stands as a crucial pillar in promoting holistic education. Recognising the intrinsic link between education and well-being, this accredited program is tailored to nurture not only academic growth but also the overall vitality of individuals. Dates of this course TBC.
OCN NI Award in Diversity and Good Relations (14-22)
Explore the OCN course in Diversity and Good Relations, designed to deepen individuals’ comprehension of these cruical concepts. This course delves into the nuanced understanding of diversity, emphasising it’s importance in building vibrant and cohesive societies. Participants will gain insights into diverse groups, recognising the richness they bring to our interconnected world. Moreover, this program addresses key issues such as prejudice and discrimination, fostering an environment of empathy and inclusion. Join us on this educational journey to develop a profound appreciation for diversity and contribute positively to the tapestry of society. Dates of this course TBC.
OCN NI Aware in Drugs Awareness (14-22)
Dive into the OCN course in Drugs Awareness, crafted to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the complex world of substance use. This course is designed to empower individuals to grasp the nuances surrounding drugs, their effects, and the broader implications for personal and societal well-being. Through a dynamic curriculum, participants will develop essential skills to make informed decisions, promoting a healthier community. Join us on this educational journey to gain insights into drugs, their impact and contribute to a safer and more aware society. Navigate the landscape of drugs with knowledge and make a positive difference in your community. Dates TBC.
InfiniteU Collective (12+)
At Phoenix Education Centre we believe in empowering individuals through education. A compassionate initiative aimed at guiding individuals back into the school system Recognising the unique challenges faced by those who have disengaged or do not fit well in traditional school systems, our course places a strong emphasis on self-esteem and confidence building. We understand that a positive self-image is fundamental to overcoming barriers to education. Through tailored strategies and supportive learning environments, participants will rediscover their strengths and capabilities. InfiniteU will focus on basic literacy and numeracy while placing an emphasis on a holistic approacj to education. If you have a child who is refusing to go to school get in contact with us via and we will guide you and your child (young person) through renewed self-assurance paving the way for a successful return to the educational journey.
InfiniteU is dedicated on a case-by-case basis. Recognising that each individual faces unique challenges. We emphasise the importance of thorough understanding and to achieve this, participants will be required to engage with the service to ascertain pertinent information. This exercise serves as a valuable tool in crafting a customised path for each child, ensuring that our guidance is precisely aligned with their circumstances.